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Lab scientist with test tubesPharmaceutical

Ultra Tab Laboratories has considerable experience bringing various OTC and prescription drug products to market. Our current formulary includes over 200 products, while our in-house research, development, and validation capabilities allow for the creation of a new product line based on your specific requirements.

Nutritional and Nutraceutical

There have been numerous recent changes to regulatory requirements concerning nutritional supplements. As such, if you are considering developing or manufacturing a nutritional or nutraceutical, a contract manufacturer such as Ultra Tab Laboratories, who is familiar with current government regulations, should be your first choice.

We are well equipped to conduct the needed preservative, stability, and laboratory testing to insure that your product is brought to market with minimal risk, and on a solid foundation.

Health and Beauty Products

Packaging of trial and travel sizes for health and beauty products is a mainstay of our production. We are experienced in assisting our customers in the development of new and unique packaging designs and excel in helping them take an existing product to the next level.

Personal care items including creams, liquids, lotions, sprays and gels can be packaged in jars, bottles, tubes and unit dose sachets. Let’s discuss your project and see how we can help move you in the right direction.


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