Manufacturing Capabilities — Ultra Tab Laboratories

liquid blender

Ultra Tab has the capability to meet production requirements for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, nutritional, and health and beauty products.

Powder Blending: Twin cone blenders from 30 – 100 cubic foot capacity for efficient matching of blender capacity to customer batch size.

Granulating: Wet granulation and fluid bed drying.

Liquid Blending: 500-gallon blender for low viscosity liquids with temperature control and induction system.

Ointments & Creams: Jacketed mixers for up to 5200 Kg/day, and de-aerating.

Solid Dose: Various model tablet presses and capsule fillers.

Coating: Enteric coating to multiple layers of film coating.

Formulary of OTC Products

See also: Formulations
Ultra Tab has a broad formulary of cough and cold and analgesic medications, in solid dose, liquid and suspension, as well as anti-biotic ointments and topical creams available for private label packaging. All have established stability in a variety of packaging formats. Click here to see a listing of our control products (formulations.)

Ultra Tab LabratoryOn-Site Laboratory

Ultra Tab facilities include a full analytical lab for performing release testing as well as most assays for active ingredients and other tests (micro, moisture, viscosity, etc.) required for release of bulk manufactured products prior to packaging.

The laboratory also includes micro capability and a chamber for accelerated stability studies as well as a controlled environment storage for room temperature stability.

Documentation Support

Ultra Tab Labs has well developed protocols for providing all the documentation you will need to support process validation and package dating on OTC drugs and nutritional supplement products.

Ultra Tab also has the resources and experience to support ANDA and NDA filings and CEB30’s.

Formulation Development

Our experienced formulators can help clients adjust a formula to enhance certain characteristics, or make a product more commercially viable.