Packaging Options

For a wide variety of liquids, powders, gels, ointments, tablets, and capsules.

Flexible Pouches/Sachets

Ultra Seal packages a very wide variety of liquids, powders, gels, ointments, tablets, and capsules in flexible pouches or sachets. We work with broad range of film specifications and can tailor a package to meet your cost and product compatibility requirements. We have capabilities to package high volume unit dose OTC products as well as lower volume specialty die cuts for samples and promotional campaigns. We have multi-chamber pouches to allow sampling of several products at once, and pouches with tear off coupons to encourage purchase after sampling.

Pouch packaging:
pouch packaging

Tubestube packaging

We fill plastic, laminate, and aluminum tubes with fill weights from less than 10 ml up to 8 oz. We can accomodate tube diameters up to 2″, and lengths up to 7″.

We can fill tubes with a wide range of materials, from light creams and lotions to very high viscosity petrolatum based products.

BlistersBlister Packaging

Ultra Seal has a wide range of standard blister configurations for tablets and capsules, including some specifically designed for sampling or point of purchase merchandising.

Bottlesbottle packaging

We bottle tablets, capsules, liquids, gels and powders, in fills as small as 10 ml up to 32 oz. We can accommodate of wide variety of closures, including pump sprayers, droppers, and disc caps. Tamper evident seals and shrink-wrapping are standard.

Stick Packsstick pack packaging

Stick packs are a popular choice for packaging many granular powders because of their ease of use and compact size. Ultra Seal can accommodate a wide range of fill weights and sizes in the stick pack format.

Paper Bottlespaper bottle packaging

The paper bottle is an ideal unit dose or sample package for all kinds of liquids and lotions from pharmaceutical products to health and energy drinks. Standard sizes will accommodate from 5-30 mL of product in a single use package with excellent barrier properties and robust package integrity.

Zipper Pouches

A cost effective alternative to jars. If you’re looking for cost effective, multi-serve packaging for your products, consider a flexible pouch with a zip seal closure. Ultra Seal now has the capacity to produce re-sealable custom pouches with high impact graphics that are especially good for powders or granular materials. Pouches can include a measuring scoop for the complete consumer package.

Child Resistant Pouches

Do you want to package tablets or capsules in unit dose child resistant pouches? Ultra Seal can do it for you! Packages designed and manufactured by Ultra Seal have been tested by Perritt Laboratories and found to fulfill the requirements for Poison Prevention Packaging as per CFR Title 16, Part 1700. If you want to market your products where this type of packaging is required, you can be confident it is compliant if packaged by Ultra Seal.

Note: For particularly sensitive materials, nitrogen flushing and special low humidity suites are available.