Custom Packaging Solutions

Providing Unit Dose, Single Use Packaging for Pharmaceuticals, Nutritional Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Health & Beauty Aids and Many Other Products
Private Label Packaging Solutions for All Your Needs

We have the ability to custom design unique private label packaging that fulfills our customers’ specific needs. Special die-cuts, multiple chamber packets, and coupon-sample packs are just a few of the solutions we have developed to meet special customer requests.

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From runs of millions of units for major retail chains to as few as 10,000 units for entrepreneurs just starting out, we have the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of requirements. Our ability to print many types in-house means lower minimums and more options of packaging.

Ultra Seal has wide ranging capabilities to meet your contract packaging needs for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, health and beauty products and samples of all kinds. We offer a large variety of unit-of-use packaging solutions, multiple chamber packets, die-cut packets and sample packaging for all needs.

Ultra Seal has a line of high quality OTC products available for use as a “House Brand” by those customers who do not have the volume to support a private label program. Click here to see our ointment products. Click here to see our cough & cold liquid options.

Our graphics company is capable of art design from inception through troubleshooting in printing stage. Visit the graphics services page here.

  • In-house printing: two 6-station flexographic printing presses.
  • In-house machine shop: custom tool and die are made in-house, cost effectively and with a quick turnaround.

Restricted access suiteRestricted Access Suite

Ultra Seal packaging facilities include a “Restricted Access” area for use in packaging particularly sensitive products. The flow of personnel and materials to this suite is directed through a series of rooms that sequentially reduce the risk of bioburden.

The suite is staffed by specially trained personnel who employ an enhanced level of gowning and sanitation procedures to ensure that bioburden risk remains low throughout the production run.

The reduced bioburden risk was demonstrated by static and dynamic studies conducted during the initial installation, combined with process and cleaning validations conducted for the suite. Maintaining these required levels within this suite is ensured through periodic microbial monitoring the suite and personnel operating within the suite.


For particularly sensitive materials, nitrogen flushing and special low humidity suites are available.